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  • Doublets

    • Twin Rose Designs
      Nicely done doublets in wool and cotton. Be sure to order with sleeves.
    • By the Sword
      This “Convertible Doublet” looks reasonable…for the price. You’ll want to replace the string ties at the sleeves with ribbon. This link is to the “black, large” version; they also have them in other sizes and in grey and burgundy.
    • A Bad Example
      If you buy this, you will want to kill yourself just like the guy in the photo does.
    • Pirate Fashions: "Boucanier Doublet"
      A wool doublet with sleeves at a reasonable price. See if they have any colors that aren’t horrid.
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  • Shoes

    • DIY Latchets
      Make cheap, easy, and passable period footwear from thrift-store shoes.
    • Boots by Bohemond
      Mary Rose Shoes, based on designs excavated from the wreck. A word of warning: while mine have held up very well (with a resoling), I know others who do not like them.
    • Armlann
      The “simple” and “latchet” variants are fine. Ironically, the “Tudor” ones are a bit early for us.
    • Garb the World
      Nice latchet shoes. Avoid the MIL465, though, since it looks a little late for us.
    • NP Historical Shoes (European source)
      Amazingly good shoes. The “Sixteenth Century Shoes” are the only ones really appropriate for Goode’s Company, but they are nice, boot-like shoes for those worried about the open nature of latchets. The rest of the site is worth checking out, too.
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