Monthly Archives: June 2012

New Version of The Booke of Dryl Available

I have posted a new, revised version of the Shepshetshire Booke of Dryl in the Recommended Reading section. I’ve spent the last four or five days bringing it up to our current practices and adding some additional material where necessary. All Goode’s Company members should take a look at it and make sure they’re up to date.

Thanks to everyone who came to pike class on Sunday.

Turnout was good—though we missed some old hands who couldn’t make it—and we covered a lot of ground. We had three new folks, who caught on quickly and who maintained their aplomb in the face of my questionable sense of humor. We covered the standard actions both at rest and on the march, wheeling, and alternate forms of charging the pike.

As always, the more folks we have in formation, the more nifty actions we can work on. So kidnap blackmail invite your friends.

Goode’s Company Teaching Pike at “A Day at the Manor”, July 14th

Sergeant Elder will be teaching “16th Century Pike Actions & Maneuvers” at an SCA event, A Day At the Manor, in Kent at the Weber Ranch. While shot—even sans powder—is strictly verboten at this event, we do plan to work at least a bit with Gordon Frye and his cavalry. Goode’s Company folk are welcome and encouraged to attend as ringers, but it is certainly not required. The event as a whole costs $15.

Pike Class, June 17 at Cowen Park

Come to Cowen Park in Seattle and take up the pike for Queen and country. We’ll work on actions on the march, especially wheeling, which we seem to have gotten rusty on. See the calendar for times and map.