Thanks to everyone who came to pike class on Sunday.

Turnout was good—though we missed some old hands who couldn’t make it—and we covered a lot of ground. We had three new folks, who caught on quickly and who maintained their aplomb in the face of my questionable sense of humor. We covered the standard actions both at rest and on the march, wheeling, and alternate forms of charging the pike.

As always, the more folks we have in formation, the more nifty actions we can work on. So kidnap blackmail invite your friends.

Goode’s Company Teaching Pike at “A Day at the Manor”, July 14th

Sergeant Elder will be teaching “16th Century Pike Actions & Maneuvers” at an SCA event, A Day At the Manor, in Kent at the Weber Ranch. While shot—even sans powder—is strictly verboten at this event, we do plan to work at least a bit with Gordon Frye and his cavalry. Goode’s Company folk are welcome and encouraged to attend as ringers, but it is certainly not required. The event as a whole costs $15.

Pike Class, June 17 at Cowen Park

Come to Cowen Park in Seattle and take up the pike for Queen and country. We’ll work on actions on the march, especially wheeling, which we seem to have gotten rusty on. See the calendar for times and map.

A Successful Armed Forces Day

Thanks to everyone who came out to Armed Forces Day at JBLM on Saturday. It was a grand time and, as usual, we played harder and engaged the public more than pretty much any other group there. We got in some pike practice, shot in folks’ general direction, and drove the (admittedly laconic) Union forces from the field and quietly claimed Joint Base Lewis-McChord in the name of Her Majesty Elizabeth, Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Let’s hope they don’t notice.

We had a couple inquiries from folks who liked what we do, and one of the Romans has invited us to an event in September. I’ll look into it. Speaking of Romans, they marched with us as a first rank during the Grand Melee, deflecting Union cannonballs with their scuta and dying gallantly with the rest of us when ordered.

All in all, quite a successful outing. Thanks to Brian Houdyshell & Sendi Houdyshell for transporting pikes and pavilion, John Clough and Emily Bullard for bringing their table, Gordon Frye for targeteering with us in spite of the lamentable dearth of horses, and to everyone else for making the early morning trek.