Goode’s Company’s Expeditionary Force Returns from Actions of the Low Countries Mostly Unscathed

A small contingent of Goode’s Company made the long trek to Vallejo, California, to the School of the Renaissance Soldier’s tenth annual Actions of the Low Countries pike and shot (and horse and artillery) event, and have returned safely to tell the tale. We contributed four pikemen, two shot, a camp follower, and our own brand of quiet Shepshetshire competence. Also, rum and general badassery.


Upcoming Goode’s Company Events

  • May 4th : (1:00pm) Pike Practice @ Cowen Park.
  • May 31 – June 1 : Ye Old County Faire @ Ellensburg Fairgrounds.
  • May 17 : Armed Forces Day @ Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
  • July 12-13 : Summer Muster @ TBD.
  • August 2-3/9-10/16-17 : Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire @ Bonney Lake.

For more details, see http://goodescompany.com/calendar

One Weekend Left at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Musketeers at WMRF

Musketeers with Goode’s Company march out in support of queen and country at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire.