Have a Care: Drill Practice 3/16 and Upcoming Events

Spring is here. A number of events are coming up: The Actions of the Low Countries is in April, Armed Forces Day at JBLM is in May, and a nebulous June event is threatening to assume solid form. It is time to rouse ourselves from our annual hibernation and admit that the campaigning season will soon be upon us.

Artist’s impression of our drill at the Pumpkin Hurl.
Let’s do better.

To that end, we will be day-tripping to Tilbury Camp on Saturday March 16th for Pike and Shot Drill Practice. Musketeers, please make an effort to be there, since I plan for you to be doing a lot of drill and shooting in preparation for the ALC. For the pikemen, I have been digging through a fascinating new manuscript that discusses some new things, which we will cover once everyone remembers right from left.

Dress to stay dry and warm, in period clothes as much as you can because I’d like to get an idea of our clothing situation.