Adventures at the Actions of the Low Countries 2013

Delivering a volley at the Spaniards in the treeline

On the weekend of April 20th, Goode’s Company contributed some of Shepshetshire’s finest infantry to Her Majesty’s expeditionary force in the Low Countries of Holland where, if their stories in the tavern are to be believed, they met and routed 1000 5000 10000 Spanish soldiers in an afternoon. In any event, our adventure at the Actions of the Low Countries was a fine one. The pikemen piked, against other pike and against lesser weapons, and the musketeers…um…musketted loudly and often. And we had a chance to work with other groups from all over the west coast and a bit inland. Our thanks to The School of the Renaissance Soldier for putting on this fine event.

Gallery of photos from The Actions of the Low Countries 2013